Spam Defender is now part of the Hashbot Family. Here's what you need to know.

What is Hashbot?

From the Hashbot website (https://hashbot.io/): “Hashbot's primary role is to actively monitor usernames and profile pictures on your server.” As you can imagine, this aligns exactly with what Spam Defender has been trying to do since it was launched! Hashbot has been around for almost 2 years and it protects some of the biggest names in the space including Art Blocks, AZUKI, BAYC, ConsenSys, RTFKT, Phantom, OpenSea and more.

What does this mean for users of Spam Defender?

This acquisition is in your best interest! Hashbot is a well-established company with a great team and huge amount of expertise with impersonator detection. Their PFP (image matching) technology was launched almost a year ago and is working amazingly well. We believe this bot’s advanced features and rapid development cycle will provide a better experience for our users.

What do I need to do?

Our goal is to make the migration process as easy as possible. All you need to do is join the Hashbot Discord server and open a migration ticket (#support). The Hashbot Support Team will work alongside the developer and previous owner of Spam Defender, @lukenamop, to assist you with the migration process. We’ll be able to automatically move all of your blocked keywords and whitelisted users/roles out of Spam Defender and into Hashbot. If you’re already a paying Spam Defender subscriber, we’ll help you get set up on Hashbot’s billing system and we’ll make sure your old subscription is canceled.

Will my subscription price change?

Because of Hashbot’s advanced detection technology, it is priced higher than Spam Defender was. However, Hashbot and Spam Defender agreed to lock in existing subscribers’ prices for at least one year following the acquisition. As part of the migration process, Hashbot will offer you the same price that you used to pay for Spam Defender.

How long do I have to lock in this offer?

We kindly request that you complete the migration process by May 1, 2023, to ensure that you can take advantage of this offer.

As an existing Hashbot customer, can I apply this discount to my current subscription?

This offer is only applicable to migrating Spam Defender customers (new Hashbot customers).

I have a lifetime subscription to Spam Defender. Will this subscription be honored by Hashbot?

Yes! We have a record of your payment and you will be able to migrate to Hashbot for free.

Does Hashbot accept payments via cryptocurrency?

Existing yearly subscribers who previously paid in cryptocurrency will be able to continue to do so. Please mention it during the migration process.

Do I need to configure Hashbot from scratch?

No, we will be able to import your existing list of blocked keywords to your new Hashbot configuration. However, if you would rather configure from scratch, that is also an option. Simply let us know.

Do Hashbot and Spam Defender have similar features?

They do. Hashbot is primarily an impersonator detection bot. It supports blocked usernames (phrases/keywords and a regex option) as well as profile picture detection. The Hashbot team is always working on new anti-impersonation features and you can expect a steady stream of updates to further protect your server.

Will I lose Spam Defender on my server?

We plan to sunset Spam Defender later in the summer of 2023. Until then, Spam Defender will remain online, but development has already been stopped.

Is it okay to have both Spam Defender and Hashbot installed on my server simultaneously?

After your server’s migration to Hashbot is complete, we recommend removing Spam Defender from your server.

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